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Special Activities

Every Day is a Special Day

Although every day at Curzon is a “special day”, we have days that are extra special! For instance, we celebrate birthdays in the classroom, enjoy Halloween, Chanukah, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Passover, and Easter celebrations. We also enjoy a Multicultural Day where children bring in food that represents their heritages.

We may have a Beach party, Pajama Day and even a yaD sdrawkcaB (Backwards Day)! We love finding ways to ensure that children are having fun and are being stimulated.

Special Persons Day takes place each fall and is always very memorable for Curzon children. Each child attends school on a Saturday morning with his/her “special someone” to share in a morning of activities. The special person can be someone who does not normally get to take part in the duty days.

ActivitiesProgram_01Special Programs

In addition to the qualified staff at Curzon, we also employ specialists who visit our school to further enrich the curriculum and provide hands-on learning opportunities. These include nature and First Nations specialists such as the notorious “Chief Top Leaf” as well as our resident Scientist “Captain Catalyst”, “Fine Line Serpents”  and “Denis the Fire Chief” to name a few.  Children love these opportunities to learn new things, and often come home to teach their parents a thing or two as well!

ActivitiesMusic_01Music and Gym

At Curzon, we believe that music and movement are the cornerstone to a happy, healthy lifestyle. In addition to the daily routine that embraces this philosophy, we offer weekly Music and Gym classes. These classes are given to small groups of children and are designed and implemented catering to the specific needs of the pre-school child.

The children have a chance to perform what they have learned at mid-year and end-of-year concerts, as well as mini-concerts for a local senior citizens group.  This interaction with the children is much appreciated by the seniors group, who say it keeps them “young at heart”!

ActivitiesSkating_01Introduction to Skating

Many of our skaters are on the ice for the first time and start off a little uncertain but with the patience, support and encouragement from the Curzon team, the skaters make impressive progress! The Winter weekly skating program is fun and beneficial for children because not only does it provide the enjoyment of fitness, skating helps to develop balance and coordination skills.

ActivitiesSwimming_01Introduction to Swimming

Curzon children splash into spring with the weekly swimming program. This is one of the many highlights of the year. There are small group swimming lessons that foster a love of water and encourage a new way of interacting with teachers and peers!  Within the security of the trusted Curzon framework, the children emerge from swimming lessons with greater confidence and a renewed love of physical fitness!

ActivitiesYoga_01Y is for Yoga

Yoga is a very popular program among the Curzon kids.  Each week Nina leads the children through a series of poses, breathing and relaxation exercises using an innovative teaching method based on storytelling.    Yoga helps the children work on their fine and gross motor skills, improve their balance and coordination and develop their self-confidence.  Yoga is practiced in small group format in the yoga room.  Namaste!

ActivitiesReading_01Montreal West Children’s Library, Story-Time Program

Curzon children cherish visits to the local library often followed by some well received gross motor play in the park. These outings  occur in the Fall and are a wonderful introduction to the school year!

School Library

We have a library of over 1000 books that the children can take out on a weekly basis. Our library runs much like a regular lending library in that all of our books are catalogued, and the children are given time once a week to make book selections.

ActivitiesTrips_01Field Trips

Curzon field trips offer hands on learning and enrichment that reinforce themes from the classroom.  Some of our favourite field trips are: Apple Picking, Ecomuseum, Planetarium, and Cabane a Sucre.

We also celebrate the abundant resources in our very own community with visits to the local fruit store, flower store, neighbourhood parks, the fire station, town hall, and an annual dentist office visit with a presentation by a dentist.

ActivitiesCamp_01Camp Curzon

Every year after school is done, children get to enjoy two extra weeks of Curzon Fun with the very popular Camp Curzon.  In addition to music and crafts, other activities include visits to local neighbourhood parks, water games, face painting, campfire songs beside the special Camp Curzon campfire, and much, much more. It’s a great way to finish off a super Curzon year, and gets the children ready for the summer ahead of them!