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Fun at Curzon

This page is dedicated to all the fun we have at Curzon. It will have Curzon songs, pictures drawn by Curzon Kids, a photo gallery, poems, and lots more!

Check back every once in a while as we will update it every few months.


StuffKids_01Curzon Kids

We are the Curzon Kids!
We paint, we play our instruments!
We come to school each day,
And we learn so many things through play!



StuffOwl_01Owls and Pussycats

Owls and Pussycats,
What do you hear?
Listen, listen, what do you hear?

I hear the sound of the tambourine,
Tell me, tell me,
What does it mean?


StuffBunny_01Bunny Circle

All the little bunnies sleeping until noon
Come let us wake them with a merry tune
Oh so still ….. are they ill …..
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop !




Our French teacher, Nathalie, went on an exciting holiday with her family recently. They visited Thailand and Cambodia. Always on the lookout for the opportunity to further her knowledge of education and of different cultures, Nathalie took the initiative to visit a local school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where she spent time with the teacher and the children in the class. She brought her inspirational stories back to the Curzon children, and showed them a wonderful video of her visit to the school. The children were fascinated to find out about these children in such a faraway land, and how different their way of life is. The pre-K group then drew pictures, describing their lives here in Montreal, and Nathalie sent them to the Cambodian school along with a collection of funds that the Curzon kids and their families decided to send along to their new friends over in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Curzon kids were very sensitive to the fact that these Cambodian children had much less than they did, and were very enthusiastic to help out.

Merci, Nathalie! Tu continues de nous inspirer!! Nous sommes chanceux de t’avoir parmis nous a Curzon!!