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Our philosophy is to foster positive self-esteem within each child and to enhance the joy of learning through creative play, discovery, and socialization. While a great deal of planning goes into the development of a core curriculum, the operative word for each day is flexibility, where practical adjustments are made to suit the evolving needs of our children. We offer a bilingual environment, with a French program that tailors activities fostering comprehension and language acquisition.

Curzon is a co-operative preschool, which means we welcome and thrive on parental involvement. The school is directly overseen by an elected parent executive committee – that means you can play an important role in decisions about the school’s curriculum and governance. Duty days are a key component of this philosophy. Each family gets one duty day every month or so, in which a “duty parent” participates in the day’s activities. The “duty child” gets the thrill of being special for a day, and the pride of seeing their parent involved in their learning. It’s just one of the highlights of our program and one of the things that sets us apart from other preschool experiences!

We keep the class size small, accepting 24 children for the preschool program (age 3 to 5) and 10 children for the Mini Curzon program (age 2 to 3). We enjoy the use of four classrooms: a large main classroom, a gymnasium, another smaller classroom (used for yoga and special programs, including Mini Curzon), and a wonderful music room. This allows the teachers to work with smaller groups of children to enhance the learning environment.