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Why choose Curzon?

  • A strong educational program, reputed for 50+ years, setting the stage for your children to excel in kindergarten
  • A cooperative setting with true community spirit in which parents play a key role in their children’s education and parental involvement is encouraged
  • Loving, highly experienced and enthusiastic teachers, who make going to school fun and stimulating
  • A bilingual classroom atmosphere, with dedicated French-speaking educators and French-only activity periods
  • An educational philosophy based on learning through play in which children naturally develop their social & cognitive skills, grow in emotional maturity and gain the imagination and self-confidence they need to succeed in their later school lives
  • A diversified curriculum including music & movement, arts & crafts, gym, yoga and science, complemented by skating and swimming lessons as well as field trips and special guests
  • A preschool program for three- to five-year-olds
  • A Mini-Curzon program for two-year-olds, three mornings a week.

To schedule a personal visit, call 514.489.7860 or email our Registrar at registrar@curzonpreschool.com.