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Here is what some of our parents & kids have to say about Curzon:

“Curzon offers a tremendous range of fun and learning-oriented activities in a nurturing environment, with fantastic teachers and motivated and welcoming families.”

Ian: “I love my teachers.”

– Brett Thombs and Norma Vite, and son Ian


“The warmth, enthusiasm, sincerity and individuality that all three teachers bring to the Curzon environment; the one-on-one contact and the gems, the wonderful attributes that they find in each child – especially my own! Pat said the other day that Trevor is a lover and he is – he is my most sensitive and affectionate child. The comfort and confidence with which each of my children has walked into Curzon is a testament to the welcoming and friendly environment. Another aspect I would have to highlight is the feeling of community…everyone participates and the end result is beneficial to all…especially the children!”

Trevor: “Show and tell, my teachers, playing with my friends and bunny circle.”

– Blythe and Glynn Ennis, and son Trevor


“Curzon has provided a warm and caring place where my two daughters have been able to grow as individuals. They absolutely love all three of the teachers and each teacher has brought something different to my daughters. In the transition between the comfortable, safe time at home and the big world of kindergarten, there is no better place than Curzon.”

Chloe: “Being a duty kid…definitely being a duty kid. I want to go back to Curzon on all my Ped days. Can you ask Patty if that’s okay?”

Cassidy: “I like playing with all the dolls and toys at school … there’s lots of different things to do each day.”

– Carl Comeau and Carolyn Wells, and daughters Chloe and Cassidy


“It teaches the children how to live with others in the absence of their parents … it was a great introduction to society. Kudos to the teachers … they are polite, they teach respect, they know when to be kind and they know when to be strict and at the same time they gave us insights on how to act with our children. (As a mother, I learned a lot about bringing up my child looking at them.) Working with Pat, Lee-Ann and Nathalie is like being part of a relay race … we share the same objective and they represent us well. The love that our child (Ninon) demonstrated for her teachers is a measure of their success.”

“Show and tell was Ninon’s favorite part of Curzon at large. Duty days were good but being in front and having everyone’s attention was the cherry on top of the sundae. If it is any sign: she still does it this year in Kindergarten where she can bring in an object and present it.”

– Nathalie Jodoin and Phillipe Cholette, and daughter Ninon


“We believe that this is a special place where children learn the important values that will stay with them forever- namely respect for others, love of the earth, helping and sharing.”

Audrey: “ I like making things at Curzon, and I like swimming and skating!”

– Anne Drost and Jacques Benard, and daughter Audrey


“I like the positive atmosphere generated by the teachers’ excellence, experience and assurance in the face of any challenge, mostly. My son mostly likes the play and sense of camaraderie with the other children, and the creative and fun activities, and he is very fond of all of the teachers as well. It’s hard to name just one thing! I am so enthusiastic about this school you can give my number to any prospective parents who want to hear it from me!”

– Christian Colby and Peter Kelly, and son Seamus


“This is hard to answer since I like so much about Curzon. But if forced to narrow it down I would say the incredible teachers: Pat, Lee-Ann and Nathalie are extraordinary. They provide such a loving, supportive, secure and creative atmosphere, no wonder the children thrive. Laura loves her teachers, her friends, the crafts, gym and all the special activities (e.g., skating, field trips, parties).”

– Carol Fiedler and Claude Therien, and daughter Laura


“It’s easy to say what we love most about Curzon…the teachers!”

– Vonda Peach and Andreas Garin, and son Juan Carlos


“What I liked the most was the nurturing environment where kids feel accepted as they are, where differences (if they interfere with other children) are dealt with constructively and lovingly. In other words, the teachers make every kid feel good about what they can do and contribute. I also really liked all the artwork the children get to do, and gym.”

“Clara loved her teachers and how special they made her feel. It helped boost her confidence and I had no concerns that she was more than ready to enter kindergarten after her two years at Curzon. She had good writing skills already and great curiosity about learning more about math, science and the environment.”

– Valerie Buchanan and David Stewart, and daughter Clara


“The new friends I’ve made because it helps to speak with the teachers and other parents about the actions or activities that other kids are experiencing .These ideas and advice help enrich the life of my child and also our family life in the community as we share things in common.”

“The new friends Logan has made, the new challenges that are set before him (skating, painting ,writing his name)..his new confidence shows me how proud he is of his accomplishments.”

– Theresa Skoda and Michael Donato, and son Logan

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