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Warmth & Caring Guidance

Our children benefit from the talent, warmth & caring guidance of special teachers – Pat, Nathalie & Moegi in Curzon and Mary Anne, Nathalie & Moegi in Mini-Curzon – who offer a very positive and fine-tuned program. Each of our teachers is a qualified professional holding many years experience working with children in a preschool environment. Our music, gym, yoga, skating, science, and swimming teachers are also qualified instructors in their specialties. The teachers work in conjunction with the parents to ensure that we provide an enriching program that responds to the needs of our 34 children.

Daily parent input and feedback is welcomed by our teachers and is facilitated by the close relationship teachers share with parents. Parents are encouraged to discuss issues, or provide suggestions at any time during the course of the year. In addition, twice yearly formal Parent-Teacher Meetings provide parents with personal teacher feedback on their child’s progress. This progress is broken down into various categories including motor skills, cognitive skills, social and personal skills.